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Apr 30, 2013 9:00am EDT
white house. president obama getting set to start at 10:00 eastern. do we know what the president is likely to say? i don't know of any particular announcement he's going to open the press conference with, but he's preparing to go to mexico on a trip. he's ended the hundred days of his second term. the first hundred days although that doesn't mean very much in the success term and the president is simply kind of taking this moment to try to seize the initiative in washington having gotten past the flight delay issue last week, gotten congress to -- or congress decided itself to resolve that issue without resolving the rest of the sequester and i expect one thing he might do, simon is to press the case that there are many, many other effects of the sequester beyond flight delays that are of concern to poor americans and people benefitting from government services, headstart, meals on wheels and that sort of thing to get the republicans into negotiation to put the sequester aside and look for a budget deal. >> it is a news conference and therefore the press corps will be able to ask hi
May 2, 2013 9:00am EDT
had poor labor relations. the issue now, can she reconnect business to the white house? >> that's the hope of the administration, certainly. she's somebody who had a close relationship with obama as a fund-raiser, somebody from his hometown. the labor troubles that you mentioned will probably add to her credibility in dealing with business because so of of the suspicion that business people usually have of democrats is that they're too closed to organized labor. so that probably will help her in the confirmation fight with republicans although it makes some democrats uneasy. some people are uneasy with the whole idea of taking people who raise money for a candidate and put them in power. but i expect that she will overcome that, be confirmed and so will mike froman who has been serving the administration, as the president said, doing economic international policy. i expect, as they depart for mexico, he is likely to have a relatively smooth and low drama confirmation fight. >> interesting. despite the concerns the president expressed. thank you very much, john howard in washington
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2